Bomanite Expands its Services Beyond Concrete

Your backyard paradise for summer of 2021 is within reach! We are now expanding our services offering inground concrete and liner pool installation, landscape design, outdoor lighting, and concrete solutions. Step out into your backyard and escape to paradise.

For over 40 years, our team of skilled professionals have been developing innovative decorative concrete systems for a variety of commercial and residential properties in the GTA. As the world around us changes, it is our time to change too, to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for their renovation needs.

Enjoy luxurious landscapes and everlasting beauty with our quality and valuable services. Bomanite specializes in the following areas:

  • Driveways
  • Patios & Backyards
  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • Entryways

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with Bomanite –Book an appointment today for a consultation. To book, please reach out to a sales representative at 905.265.2500 or [email protected]. For more information, visit our website at

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The Benefits of a Bomanite Installed Heated Driveway for your Home

Winter is here and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. That is something you cannot control. Although you can manage the snow on your driveway and ensure it melts away, giving you a slip-free home space so you can stay warm and safe out there! Heated driveways and walkways are beneficial in the long run, especially with the inclement weather during the winter.

Bomanite specializes in stamped concrete paving and flooring solutions, providing customers with the satisfaction of having a gorgeous driveway at an affordable price. Not only does Bomanite provide top-quality decorative concrete finishes that will surely leave an impeccable impression of your home, but our heated driveways and walkways also offer beauty and convenience to help make winters more bearable. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider installing a heated driveway. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Safety
    A heated driveway ensures the ground is not slippery, preventing serious injuries from occurring. It is important to maintain a safe environment not just for yourself and family but for when guests come to visit. Also, removing snow and ice by hand can be dangerous to your health with the risk of muscle strains, falls, fractures, back injuries and heart attacks and strokes.
  2. Time effective
    The time it will take you to shovel your driveway you could have been better spent doing the things you really want to do. Your time is valuable, and a heated driveway will be a life saver in the long run as you don’t have to spend time shoveling ever again or wrestling your snow thrower out of the garage.
  3. Curb appeal
    Clear the way and show off your beautiful Bomanite concrete driveway. Installing a heated driveway will guarantee you’ll have one of the cleanest exterior fronts on the block. You won’t have to wait until the Spring/Summer to see it because it will be cleared all year around.
  4. Smart Investment
    Think about how much you will save on costly yearly snow removal contracts, snow throwers and fuel and snow salt. Ice, salt and other chemicals can begin to ruin your driveway over time. Our heating systems are designed to quickly and effectively melt away and eliminate any unwanted snow and ice buildup.

Warm up your driveway with Bomanite! For more information on heated driveway, visit our website at or contact us directly at 905.265.2500.

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Revamp your Commercial Property’s Vehicular Entryway with Bomanite

If your commercial business has a lot of customers driving in and out, then you should consider contracting Bomanite to install a stamped concrete Vehicular Entryway. You want to leave a good impression and since it is the first thing customers will see, designing a stunning entryway is the way to go. 

Increase the curb appeal of your building while providing a safe entryway. Our concrete paving materials are strong and durable, reducing the possibility of cracking and caving in under heavy vehicles. This does more than offer a place for people to park their cars – it ensures that you have a well-protected and beautifully done driveway.

Pave the way for your customers by welcoming everyone with open arms and smooth flooring. Here are the benefits of installing quality decorative concrete onto your vehicular entryway.


The building’s interior doesn’t have to be the only floor that shines. Bring gorgeous flooring outdoors when you call Bomanite to design a stylish concrete pavement. The beauty of stamped concrete is you have the freedom to choose different patterns and colours, including brick, stone, marble and more. Make the change today and create a graceful space just outside your door.


Winter is going to arrive before you know it. You want to make sure your commercial entryway is safe for new and returning customers. Stamped concrete is slip-resistant, preventing any unwanted accidents from occurring. Walk and drive knowing everyone will be safe and secure when entering and existing the premises.


Bomanite’s stamped concrete driveways are easy to install, more affordable than most paving materials and look priceless. The stunning polished finish and elegant patterns that are available transform your property and can increase its value.

Give your commercial space a tasteful touch and contact Bomanite today. For more information on revamping your vehicular entryway, visit our website at and follow us on Instagram at @bomaniteltd.

50 Fifty DTC Tower in Denver Features Award-winning Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Finish

Life is a breeze when you have Bomanite on your team. The 50 Fifty DTC tower has set sail with its gorgeous architectural design to become one of the most elegant new building designs to grace Colorado. This class AAA 12-storey office tower stands out as a luxurious new commercial development crafted with the best features and finishes.

Bomanite’s award-winning Sandblast Refined concrete exceeds all expectations, assisting in successfully creating a building that resembles the sea, creating a serene and positive space. We are honoured to award one of our own experts at Bomanite with the Best Exposed Aggregate System award, and we are equally as excited to share it with the world. Our talented team has the ability to customize your project and design a space with the most unique concrete finishes.

The vision for the 50 Fifty Tower was to build a business space that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but to create an environment that is striking to the senses and promotes workplace wellness with an uplifting atmosphere that provides many health benefits, making it enjoyable to be at work. The interior is constructed with an open concept design and bright, luminous corridors that help build the positive and inspiring overall look and feel. Bomanite’s contribution was installing an artistic and inventive walkway that is as beautiful as it is durable leading tenants and visitors to this light-filled structure.

The exposed aggregate finish that was selected for the project works seamlessly to help the architect achieve the vision of the client’s chosen theme of sailing and being on the water. On its own, exposed aggregate is a naturally decorative stone, so the locally sourced aggregate with crushed glass and white hardener work together to create and achieve the illusion of light reflecting off the water. With the use of our refined concrete systems and a spectacular eye for design, the final product made for truly impressive curb appeal.

Bomanite offers a variety of concrete products and finishes to make your commercial and residential properties stand out amongst the rest. Let your walkways and pathways do the talking – consider installing a decorative concrete solution to transform your home or business front into one that you’ll enjoy all year round.

Read more about the project at:

Colorado Hardscapes Sails Away with a Silver Award for the Bomanite Sandscape Refined Modern Port-Cochere at the 50 Fifty DTC

Think outside the box and call Bomanite to help bring your ideas to life. Contact us today at 905.265.2500, or visit our website at

Bomanite’s Fall Home Maintenance Tips – What You Need to Know and Do Before Autumn Arrives

The leaves falling is a sure sign to start prepping your home for the fall and winter seasons. To maintain your home means regular checkups to save energy and prevent costly damage at the most inopportune moments. Bomanite has a few tips to proactively get you started and ensure everything is in good working condition

It’s best to tackle these before while temperatures are still mild. This way you can sit back and truly enjoy everything autumn brings. Here is your checklist.

Interior of the home:

  • Keep warm air inside by checking for air drafts in all your windows
  • Replace smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector batteries.
  • If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, it is possible to clean your chimney yourself with proper tools and assistance. Just make sure you are following protocol. Otherwise, contact a restoration expert to give your chimney a good sweeping and remove any creosote in the passageway, which may reduce the risk of chimney fires.
  • Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system should be inspected yearly, and fall is the perfect time to do so!
  • Get your furnace inspected and cleaned from a certified professional and replace your furnace filters. Depending on your home, filters should be replaced every 3 to 6 months.
  • Prepare your home for the cold by pulling out blankets, candles and anything that will make the space feel cozy and warm and also have these on hand in case of electrical failure or furnace breakdown.

Exterior of the home:

  • Recaulk exterior windows and doors to prevent drafts.
  • Prevent pipes from freezing and bursting by turning off water valves and draining all exterior hose bibs.
  • Clean clogged gutters of leaves and debris. Doing this helps prevent ice build-up and allow precipitation to flow smoothly and not weigh down the eavestroughs. Ensure downspouts are clear and drain water a minimum 4 feet away from your home. Make sure someone else is there to help, or hire a professional.
  • With assistance, examine your roof for any holes, cracks or leakage that can lead to damage of interior ceilings and walls, or hire a professional to do an inspection. Generally, the life span of asphalt roof shingles is roughly, 20 – 30 years depending on quality and location. In a new home this may not be necessary, but an older home should be inspected.
  • Bring patio furniture inside or cover it with a tarp.
  • Cover your air conditioning unit.
  • Despite the dropping temperatures grass still grows, so fertilize your lawn to ensure it is alive and healthy when spring comes. Rake leaves and undergrowth thoroughly.
  • Lubricate garage doors and check garage door openers batteries.
  • Cut off dead or diseased branches from trees, especially ones that come close to your home.
  • Fix any cracks on driveways or walkways that can be a safety hazard during heavy rain and snow falls.  You don’t want water freezing in cracks that will make cracks worse. Make a note to check around the perimeter of your home to be sure you don’t notice any cracks in basement walls.

Do a thorough check of your home so you’re well prepared for the colder seasons.

Bomanite specializes in providing stunning decorative concrete driveways and walkways that are capable of withstanding the Fall and Winter seasons. Bomanite also offers Heated Driveways which is convenient so you do not have to shovel your driveway. The weight from the snow and ice pressing down for long periods of time can potentially erode your driveway.

Contact us today at 905.265.2500 or visit our website

Dip into Summer with a Brand-New Pool Deck

Are you looking forward to chilling poolside all summer long? I know we are! When designing your backyard your goal should be to create a space that is peaceful and attractive. The outdoors is a place to unwind and relax, and what better way to do that than in the comfort of your own backyard. The pool itself is a beautiful addition to any space, but the deck is where you can show off your landscape designs and really make an impression.  

Installing decorative concrete on the pool deck will upgrade its appearance. There are many products you can choose from; Bomanite offers limestone, sandscape, and the classic stamped concrete which are all stunning options, and here’s why:

LimestoneA modern and chic type of decorative concrete that when installed, will give a stunning clean and polished finish. When sun reflects off the pool onto your new beautiful limestone deck, it will accentuate the little details with its sandblast finish and have you falling in love with summer all over again.

Sandscape – This is a more refined exposed aggregate that appears to have a smoother texture. Sandscape is slightly more affordable compared to limestone, nevertheless, displays a similar stunning effect.

Stamped Concrete – Achieve any luxurious concrete pattern for a fraction of the cost. Stamped concrete creates a whole new aesthetic and is a popular product that Bomanite has been doing on pool decks for years throughout the GTA.


  • The concrete can be shaped and cut to fit any pool, so it does not matter if you have a custom designed pool.
  • Bomanite offers a variety of finishes and coating that protects the pool deck.
  • Bomanite’s concrete products are slip resistant. This is an important feature in terms of safety since the pool areas tend to be wet and often slippery. You can feel more at ease if you have young children running and splashing outside.
  • Decorative concrete requires low maintenance, making it easier for you to keep your yard looking clean and tidy all year-around.

A simple resurfacing job makes a big difference and is better for the pool itself. Any exterior cracks or other damages can affect the pool’s form and create an extremely unsafe space to entertain.

Bomanite works on pool decks for both commercial and residential buildings and is a great way to add value to your home or building. Speak with a Bomanite expert to help you choose the perfect deck to complement your pool.

For more information on concrete pool decks, visit

Choose a Concrete Patio for Summer

Let Bomanite pave the way for a home space you’ll love even beyond the summer months. Choosing the design you want for your outdoor living space is an important decision. Luckily, Bomanite offers a large selection of decorative concrete forms, patterns and finishes that will beautifully enhance your home’s exterior when choosing to upgrade your patio deck.

Patios are a great space for recreation and relaxation, sunbathing during the day or dining at night. Re-vamping your backyard patio increases the value of your home and often times, homebuyers search for a house with a beautiful, spacious patio. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, then investing in a quality concrete surface around your deck or swimming pool is worth it.

Decorative concrete gives you everything you need in terms of safety, durability, resilience and low maintenance while looking 10x more beautiful than any other material. With installations like stamped concrete, you have the freedom to design a unique and spectacular outdoor space that will last for a long time. Whether you decide to create curved paths or use large square tile-looking designs to match your house, concrete is the perfect choice because of its versatility. In addition, Bomanite offers custom polishing that will leave your patio looking new and vibrant.


  • Exposed Aggregate is commonly used on patios and decks because of its strength and durability. The exposed stones provide a stronger and lasting product best suited for your outdoor living area.
  • Consider a custom landscape & concrete with artificial turf interlace patio design that incorporates greenery into your backyard, adding a modern and lively aesthetic. The best part is that little maintenance is required in upkeeping the grass.
  • With limestone concrete, instead of completing an entire renovation, you can add a concrete pathway from your patio area to your backyard. Since the product has a sandblast finish the polish itself is a great accent piece against your flooring.

Continue to add beauty outside with Bomanite! Keep in mind that your backyard isn’t designed solely for special occasions but to make every day special. So, don’t think twice about designing the backyard of your dreams.

For more information on installing concrete patios and backyards, visit the Bomanite website at

Exposed Aggregate Concrete – Great Way to Enhance your Home’s Outdoor Appearance

Are you looking for a way to enhance the outside walk areas of your home? Is your driveway in need of a makeover? How about your patio? Tired of looking at concrete slabs? Bomanite has the answer. Exposed Aggregate is a product that already has a natural finished aesthetic. This style of concrete is widely accepted and liked because the mixed concrete is a collection of stones and pebbles that are exposed to the surface of the pavement, adding instant texture and design. The concrete is extremely durable and it’s a great option to use for driveways, walkways, porches, back patios or pool area.


Exposed Aggregate is an exciting trend that continues to be very popular in decorative concrete. Despite its rough look the product has a smooth finish that also comes in a variety of designs, colours and textures. The materials that are usually placed inside the cement mixture is sand and gravel but is not limited to these types of materials as you can incorporate a variety of decorative rocks, such as seashells, coloured glass, and stones to create a unique finish and appearance.


The decorative concrete is an impressive product that serves many benefits. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Adds Value
  • Customizable


Once you have installed this beautiful aggregate finish for your driveway or walkway, it is important to ensure you maintain it by layering a quality finishing coat to the surface for protection. Since Exposed Aggregate has that three-dimensional look, a seal will give it a nice smooth shine.

Whether you decide to renovate your front entrance or backyard patio, get creative and choose Bomanite for your next home renovation.

For more information on installing Exposed Aggregate, visit our website at

Fall in Love with Your Concrete Flooring

Winter blues have you feeling down? Now is the perfect time to renovate your home with Bomanite’s quality decorative concrete flooring polishes. A great design relies on the flooring to match the look of the rest of the house and with decorative concrete you can implement a variety of different floor finishes, patterns and polishes that will complement the overall aesthetic of your home. Every step is meant to impress, and once people get a glimpse of your concrete walkway, they will be glad they came over.

Fall in love with your home’s appearance by using our product services to create a luxurious living space. Start by selecting a polish that will fit the look you want for your home.

At Bomanite, we offer quality Topping Systems so your floors appear brand all the time. Bomanite is highly skilled in transforming any surface into a vibrant and eye-catching floor. Fortunately, our topping systems can be done quickly and efficiently.


The benefits of selecting a polishing system on your decorative concrete when repurposing your floor is that you can achieve the appeal of highly expensive flooring without actually spending the money. In addition, little maintenance is involved because the quality finishing product gives the surface a long-lasting shine. Due to the solutions durability, your home will look new and improved for many years to come.

Bomanite provides exceptional services in concrete flooring throughout the GTA.

Stamped Concrete

Join the concrete revolution by choosing Stamped Concrete for your next home renovation. With Spring just around the corner now is the best time to consider resurfacing your driveway, walkway or patio. Over time, severe weather can wear down finishes and crack the surface leaving it looking old and unappealing.

Stamped concrete is not only a decorative solution for your home, but it will add valuable curb appeal. You will be thrilled with the final look of the product. Here are several added benefits:


  • Affordable – The beauty of choosing stamped concrete is the result of expensive finishes like stone, tile, slate or brick without spending extra money on construction labour and materials.
  • Slip Resistant – Stay Safe with stamped concrete. Welcome April showers with open arms because stamped concrete is slip resistant, providing you a range of safety from the front door to your car.
  • Durability – After a long winter, feel confident that your driveway or walkway will maintain its brand-new look longer. Stamped concrete has the ability to withstand wear and tear, heaving and buckling that is common with pavers and asphalt but instead results in a good-looking driveway with minimal maintenance and expense.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Beautify your driveway with one simple fix! Stamped concrete will take your curb appeal to a new level, and custom printing allows you to choose the perfect design pattern to make your home stand out.


Stamped concrete is very versatile, and the product can transform any area outside your house or building front into a luxurious new space. Bomanite specializes in exterior concrete for residential and commercial work, from pool decks and patios to courtyards and landscaping.


Create your dream home by incorporating unique stamped concrete, an application that gives your outdoor walkway a sophisticated grand entrance that displays beauty and durability. The possibilities are endless. Create elegant designs with these pattern finishes:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Grasscrete
  • Limestone
  • Slate rock

For more information on stamped concrete solutions, visit our website at, or call us for a FREE quote!