Reasons to Invest in a Heated Driveway

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and looking outside your window to see a white sheet of fresh snow covering your yard. The magical moment soon ends when you realize you need to venture outside in the cold, icy winter air and start your day by lugging a snow shovel or snow blower and a huge bag of salt to clear your driveway. Fortunately, Bomanite has the perfect solution. Consider investing in a heated driveway for convenience and safety while adding value to your home.


The way in which a heated driveway works is quite simple. Essentially, the combination of hot water and antifreeze work together to radiate heat, causing the snow on the surface of your driveway to melt. Bomanite uses the hydronic glycol system which means the fluid circulates through tubing that then creates enough heat beneath the surface to remove the snow or ice above it. The best part, to the heating system is completely covered and protected by your beautifully paved concrete driveway, so there is no clutter!


– YOU’RE SAFE – Having a heated driveway is safer because you, your family and visitors do not run the risk of slipping and falling. The snow, slush and ice will be completely evaporated allowing you to walk smoothly to and from your vehicle.
– YOUR HEALTH – Snow shoveling can be risky to your health, back and muscles. It can also be deadly as it is one of the leading causes of death by heart attack and aneurysm especially in older people.
– YOU SAVE – No more dreading the cold nights or early mornings shoveling, wrestling the snow blower out of the garage and trying to get it started. Instead, wake up relaxed and energized ready to head-out for the day with plenty of time to spare.
– LONG LASTING – You are doing your concrete driveway a favor by installing heated wiring, since you avoid using harmful chemicals to melt the snow. Salt products meant to de-ice your driveway can actually damage and ruin the concrete faster.
– CURB APPEAL – Show off your stunning driveway, courtesy of Bomanite, all year around. Your home’s front entrance will appear safe and welcoming even throughout the winter months due to the effectiveness of having a heated driveway.

The GTA is constantly dealing with harsh weather conditions in the winter, which is why it is a good idea to contact a professional like Bomanite to install a heated driveway system that automatically melts snow.

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