Consult an Expert Before Installing your Pool

With summer just around the corner, the thought of jumping into a refreshing pool is exciting and intriguing, but before you can begin building, you must ensure the job will get done properly. Bomanite wants you to successfully install a pool that will provide you with the backyard of your dreams.

Hiring an expert to install your pool will not only make your pool visually appealing, but they are willing to cater to your needs to map out, shape, size and depth of your pool correctly. Professionals are conscious of the important elements in your backyard surroundings like sprinklers, trees and gardens as well as consider different ways to approach the project without damaging or putting your home at risk.

Installing a pool and concrete pool decks can be expensive. After carefully observing your backyard, an expert can work out pricing and stay within your decided budget. A pool is a long-term commitment and it is important to invest suitably.

It is also important to consult a landscape expert, like Bomanite, before planning to install your pool. We will ensure that you have the perfect strategy to move forward with your backyard renovation. With the help of skilled consultants at Bomanite, you are guaranteed to have the most beautiful concrete pool deck imaginable.

Bomanite offers an array of products including concrete polishing, allowing your pool to be the first thing you see and adore once you step outside into your yard.

We would be more than glad to service you with a concrete pool deck! Bomanite is available in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Milton, and Aurora. Visit for more information.

The Year for your Driveway

With the new year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about all the diverse options for your driveway! Even though you can’t see it under all the snow, this is the time to consider spring, summer and fall, and how your driveway will look in the months to come. We understand that it may seem early, but to ensure that your driveway will look the best it can during 2017, you should start booking now!

There are so many options to create the driveway of your dreams. Stamped concrete is always a beautiful choice, and one of our expert areas at Bomanite. When it comes to a stamped concrete driveway, there is so much versatility. Stamped concrete is available in an assortment of colours, textures and patterns, so your vision can become a reality.

Exposed aggregate is another modern option for your driveway in 2017. Creating an intricate visual effect of exposed stones and pebbles within concrete, your home will have stunning curb appeal after this treatment.

If you’re aiming for a natural look, a limestone driveway might be your first choice. A Bomanite limestone concrete finish will create a strong and durable driveway which will maintain its beauty for a long time.

Bomanite would love to service you with your own concrete driveway in 2017. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

Bomanite Featured on Moving the McGillivrays!

In HGTV’s new series, Moving the McGillivrays, popular renovator and host of Income Property, Scott McGillivray and his wife Sabrina plan and develop their lifelong family home. Every episode in the series features a glimpse into the creation of their dream home, as well as a look at their busy life, taking care of their two daughters and balancing full-time jobs.

In Episode Four of this exciting new T.V. show, Scott has the chance to build something he’s been wanting his whole life: a workshop. But it’s not just any ordinary workshop. Scott is building his perfect workshop: a man cave. Meanwhile, Sabrina is creating a space for schoolwork and crafts, which she calls her femme-den.

It takes a lot of work and planning to build the room of your dreams. One of the most important parts of the whole process is the foundation, which Bomanite had the honour of taking care of. Featured on this episode of Moving the McGillivrays, Bomanite lays concrete with a cool finish in the workshop, creating a canvas for the rest of Scott’s man cave.

Bomanite was extremely honoured to be a part of HGTV’s Moving the McGillivrays. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved!

Bomanite would love to be a part of creating your dream home. Whether it is stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or any other residential or commercial service, call us today for a free quote or visit for more information.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is the Modern Option!

Stamped concrete is undeniably beautiful and creates a wonderful look for your home. However, there are other options to select from and Bomanite wants you to be informed before you make your decisions!

A new trend that is actually a lot more modern than you may think is exposed aggregate concrete. This decorative style of concrete can be used in multiple areas of the home including driveways, walkways and patios. It is a popular choice for each of these areas due to its aesthetic value, low maintenance, and non-slip surface. It is also extremely durable and strong, which is why it can be used in almost every outdoor design.

Exposed aggregate concrete is extremely popular due to its smooth finish, which displays small stones and pebbles within the concrete. It is available in a variety of colours, so you are able to customize the appearance to your preference.

There are so many advantages to exposed aggregate for your home! Not only can you use it almost anywhere, it is also a unique look that most people don’t have. It is both beautiful and durable, which is all you could want for your home!

We would be happy to service you with exposed aggregate concrete if you live in Toronto or the surrounding area. Call us today for a free quote or visit for more information.

Tradition with a Twist: Sandscape Concrete

Concrete comes in many different types of finishes! It’s not always easy to pick when there are so many options available to you! What you may not know is that Bomanite specializes in a sandscape concrete finish for outdoor applications. A sandscape finish offers a twist on a traditional look through the possibility of many different patterns and styles. The final product is always a modern look that elevates the look of a building. Not only does sandscape concrete look great for pool decks, driveways and walkways, but it also the perfect option for commercial concrete services.

Through specialized mix designs, additives and advancements in application, Bomanite has created a specialized Sandscape Texture. This offers the perfect, modern option for outdoor concrete finishes. If you’re looking for a stunning but also practical concrete finish, then you may want to consider sandscape. This finish is an economical alternate to other types of decorative concrete. It is durable, attractive and easy to maintain. It’s a great option for those looking at an upcoming outdoor renovation.

Bomanite would be happy to service you! For more information about sandscape concrete in Vaughan or the GTA, visit

Concrete Pool Decks Are Always on Trend

Everyone is constantly looking for the latest outdoor trends to elevate the overall look of their home. One thing that is guaranteed to never go out of style is a concrete pool deck. If your backyard has a pool, you know that it is the focal point of the yard. That’s why the surrounding area should highlight and emphasize your pool, which is exactly what a concrete deck can do.

There are so many options to select from if you opt for concrete in your backyard. Different colours and textures are available, so each pool deck can be customized to suit your own stylistic preferences. With all these options, you will be able to select a design that will complement the exterior of your home and also supplement your outdoor environment.

Stamped concrete pool decks are one of the most popular options. It offers durability and strength as well as the ability to replicate traditionally expensive materials such as stone or wood. Architectural concrete is also a possibility if you would like an intricate design around the pool.

Less common, but extremely attractive, is an exposed aggregate concrete pool deck. This style creates an exposed finish, which means small stones and pebbles become visible. This modern look can create an interesting pool deck unlike what you may be used to seeing.

Bomanite would be happy to service you with a concrete pool deck! Call us today or visit for more information.

Elevate your Backyard with Concrete Design This Summer!

Summer and concrete really do go hand in hand! The hot weather has arrived, which means it’s the perfect time for outdoor renovations. Take a look around your backyard. Is it time for an upgrade? If you love the outdoors and you are constantly hosting guests in the summertime, the answer should be yes. Start considering how to elevate your backyard area.

There are many different options available to you, some of which you may not even have known about! First and foremost, you have to begin with a new stamped concrete patio. As opposed to the traditional wood patio, stamped concrete can create stylish patterns in unlimited designs. There are many colours available to match your home and there are many patterns to select from. With stamped concrete, you can mimic other popular materials, such as brick, slate, tile and more.

Next, you can get creative. If you have a pool or a hot tub, use stamped concrete to create an elegant look! An architectural concrete design can take your pool area from looking like a regular backyard to an exotic getaway vacation at your own home.

Finally, you can complete the whole look with the finishing touches in your outdoor space! If you have walkways or steps in your backyard, concrete can be the perfect option. Stamped concrete is a great investment as well because of its durability in the outdoor weather.

We’d be happy to service you with decorative stamped concrete if you live in Toronto or the surrounding area. Call us today for a free quote or visit for more information.

Why Should You Invest in a Heated Concrete Driveway?

Some of the benefits of a heated driveway may seem obvious, but people are still hesitant on installing one for their home. Homeowners either think it’s too expensive or just not worth it. What they don’t realize is, with a heated driveway rather than heated drivewayregular concrete, you are paying for comfortability and ease of living, which can go a long way and save money in other departments.

The main purpose of a heated driveway is to keep your pavement warm in order to melt snow that falls upon its surface. Therefore, snow will not pile up on your driveway during those intense winter storms. You may argue that it does not take a lot of effort to just pick up a shovel and manually rid yourself of the mess. However, the benefits of a heated driveway for your home are undeniable. Not only will you have an easy way to keep your pavement clear of snow, the heated driveway will also stop ice accumulation providing a safe route to exit your home. Another benefit you may not have thought of is the decreased need to use salt or chemicals, which will protect the driveway from becoming damaged.

Remember that you have options to decrease hassles in your life. Heated driveways can bring down long term costs and also leave you with extra time and comfort. If you live in Toronto or the surrounding area, call us today for a free quote! Visit heated driveway for more information.

Sifting through online reviews to make the right decision

There are a number of websites out there that present consumer reviews of companies like ours who provide stamped concrete, architectural concrete and concrete driveway solutions.

As a proud service provider with a strong reputation on these sites, Bomanite wants to provide a few words of advice in regards to selecting the right company, in our industry or in others as well. The following advice also pertains to product and restaurant reviews. So please keep the following 4 aspects in mind when reading online reviews.

1) Rating
If a company has a perfect rating, or something too close to perfect that you have to look twice, that could be a warning sign that something is amiss. As much as companies strive for perfection, it’s almost impossible to be perfect. If a company has nothing but perfect reviews, look at the reviewers’ profiles. If they have never posted a rating/review before, or they ONLY post perfect ratings for multiple companies, chances are they’re either not valid, or their review was encouraged and not naturally given.

2) Style and Tone
If a company’s reviews all seem the same, there’s a chance they are written by the same person. In our world, people come from a multitude of different backgrounds. As such, their understanding of English varies, as does their vocabulary. Realistic reviews will have different descriptive words, the odd spelling mistake, different tones and different lengths. Some may describe every detail with Shakespearean prose, while others may write three words in total. This variance is an indication of authentic reviews.

3) What they actually say
If a number of reviews refer to the same themes or specific topics, especially in a row, that can seem suspicious. Some companies are limited in how much can be said about them, but if the content of the reviews are all too similar, take them with a grain of salt.

4) Timing
Some companies are seasonal, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense that they have reviews during their off-season, as most reviews are given almost immediately after the job is complete. Additionally, if the reviews are timed evenly apart, as in almost exactly in a pattern, that could be another flag. Real people post reviews whenever they get a chance. Sometimes three will be posted within a week, sometimes there will be 2-3 months between reviews. Watch for patterns.

The purpose of this blog entry isn’t to make you skeptical of online reviews – they can be very helpful in selecting a company or product you can trust. We just want to help you make a more educated decision when you select the concrete service provider to entrust with your driveway, landscaping or backyard.

And of course, if you’d like to discuss your project, we’re always happy to give you a free quote. Contact us today at 905-265-2500 or toll free at 1-800-331-9754 or visit

Is a Decorative Concrete Driveway Right for Me?

As you’re driving, you may notice many homes, especially newer ones, with regular asphalt driveways. Your home may even be one of these! If you’re thinking about whether or not you should invest in a decorative concrete driveway, we say stop thinking! Yes, you should invest, and here is why.

Stamped concrete driveways can include a multitude of decorative patterns. The options seem to be endless! After a consultation, you can decide on exactly what you’d like including the colour and the pattern. The initial cost may seem expensive, but in the long run, you will want to make this smart decision for your home. Although it is pricier, it is a better option and provides a better return-on-investment. You will not have to constantly pay maintenance fees to fix issues because the product will be long-lasting and durable. Even more importantly, a decorative concrete driveway can boost the resale value of your home due to curb appeal.

We believe a decorative concrete driveway is right for everyone! In the end, you will be able to improve the look of your home and also decrease maintenance fees. It’s a win-win decision!

We’d be happy to service you with a decorative stamped concrete driveway if you live in Toronto or the surrounding area. Call us today for a free quote or visit for more information.