National Home Show Toronto, March 8 – 17, 2019

Spring is almost here, and The National Home Show will be back in full swing! We’re excited to announce that Bomanite will have a booth set up at the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto. The National Home Show is presented by RE/MAX and is North America’s largest display of innovative products and ideas for people interested in all things home.

Come visit us from March 8 – 17 and meet our Bomanite representatives to learn more about our products and services. Learn about various ways you can add stamped concrete around your home and make it the best it can be. You’ll be able to peruse decorative concrete solutions for driveways, walkways, pool decks and patios. You’ll be able to get a closer look at our work and craftsmanship, and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products and service.

The National Home Show is a great way for new customers to interact with the product in person and understand the benefits of installing stamped concrete compared to regular concrete, asphalt and pavers options. Be sure to make time to visit us and be amazed with everything we have to offer. If you’re looking for ways in which to transform your home this spring, look no further than Bomanite. Attend this event for inspiration on decorating your patio / walkway when the warmer weather arrives, we’re happy to help. At your convenience, you can get a quote or book an appointment with us there!

Purchase your tickets online now for the 2019 National Home Show at the Enercare Exhibition Place by visiting

We’ll see you there. For more information on Bomanite’s concrete solutions, check out our website at

Reasons to Invest in a Heated Driveway

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and looking outside your window to see a white sheet of fresh snow covering your yard. The magical moment soon ends when you realize you need to venture outside in the cold, icy winter air and start your day by lugging a snow shovel or snow blower and a huge bag of salt to clear your driveway. Fortunately, Bomanite has the perfect solution. Consider investing in a heated driveway for convenience and safety while adding value to your home.


The way in which a heated driveway works is quite simple. Essentially, the combination of hot water and antifreeze work together to radiate heat, causing the snow on the surface of your driveway to melt. Bomanite uses the hydronic glycol system which means the fluid circulates through tubing that then creates enough heat beneath the surface to remove the snow or ice above it. The best part, to the heating system is completely covered and protected by your beautifully paved concrete driveway, so there is no clutter!


– YOU’RE SAFE – Having a heated driveway is safer because you, your family and visitors do not run the risk of slipping and falling. The snow, slush and ice will be completely evaporated allowing you to walk smoothly to and from your vehicle.
– YOUR HEALTH – Snow shoveling can be risky to your health, back and muscles. It can also be deadly as it is one of the leading causes of death by heart attack and aneurysm especially in older people.
– YOU SAVE – No more dreading the cold nights or early mornings shoveling, wrestling the snow blower out of the garage and trying to get it started. Instead, wake up relaxed and energized ready to head-out for the day with plenty of time to spare.
– LONG LASTING – You are doing your concrete driveway a favor by installing heated wiring, since you avoid using harmful chemicals to melt the snow. Salt products meant to de-ice your driveway can actually damage and ruin the concrete faster.
– CURB APPEAL – Show off your stunning driveway, courtesy of Bomanite, all year around. Your home’s front entrance will appear safe and welcoming even throughout the winter months due to the effectiveness of having a heated driveway.

The GTA is constantly dealing with harsh weather conditions in the winter, which is why it is a good idea to contact a professional like Bomanite to install a heated driveway system that automatically melts snow.

For more information on heated driveway, visit our website at

What’s Popular in Stamped Concrete for 2018?

2018 is well under way and if you have not noticed, the snow is already beginning to melt. Meaning, your driveway and patio is slowly making an appearance, which is why it is important to start maintaining your curb appeal now.

A new year means a new look and Bomanite experts are highly experienced in stamped concrete and know exactly which styles to choose to give your driveway that rich glow. Show off yard this year by staying up to date with current trends that Bomanite proudly supplies. Below we have listed the most popular options for concrete this year.

Exposed aggregate – Exposed aggregate is a unique concrete product that blends modern patterns with vintage prestige because the finishing coat displays all the stones and pebbles that lay underneath the concrete. The exposure of rocks creates a realistic representation of natural textures, while supplementing a smoother, and extremely durable surface. Exposed aggregate comes in a variety of colours that you can customize to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Exposed Aggregate

Limestone concrete pool decks – Limestone concrete is a strong and more resistant product that when installed contrast a stunning finish, and are especially beneficial around a pool. Due to limestone’s durability, the product is able to withstand large bodies of water and last longer than other concretes.

Limestone concrete pool decks

Cool tones of grey – Settle for more relaxed tones of grey on your walkways or patios for a simple but eye-catching appearance, and also flattering throughout the whole year.

Cool tones of grey

It is never too early to plan for summer renovations and consulting professionals like Bomanite ensure the efficiency and attraction of your walkway. Luckily, you can visit Bomanite experts at the National Home show on March 9th to 18th 2018 where they will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

For more information on stamped concrete, visit our website at

5 Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Bomanite Driveway & Walkway

If you haven’t begun outdoor holiday decorating, a good place to start is with your front door, porch or walkway. Nothing is more welcoming for your guests than a splash of greenery, simple bows or a lush wreath that says, “Happy Holidays”. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish, but before the temperatures drop any further get in the creative zone, put on some festive music and go at it. Here’s how.

  1. Hang a beautiful wreath on your front door. Many nurseries have them as simple or as lush as you would like. You can pick one up at your local grocery store if time is of the essence. For added sparkle, you can purchase some battery-operated lights for an added festive feature. Look for them at Chapters Indigo, Pier 1 or anywhere Christmas lights are sold. You can also opt for an artificial one. Decorate it yourself with ornaments or pinecones. Ideas are endless for either one.
    Christmas Concrete Walkway
  2. You know those urns of potted plants you had all summer? Yes those. You can either pot a real cedar tree on either side of your door, add white lights or you can refill them with greenery, some dogwood, pine stumps, holly and a bright bow to make your porch festive and welcoming. There are two types of cedar, BC cedar that is softer and drapes beautifully, or Ontario cedar, which is great filler and adds volume. A mixture of greenery makes your urn fuller and richer. You can add some seeded eucalyptus or salal leaves.
    Potted Plants Concrete Driveway
  3. Add a garland of greenery – Most places will offer cedar and pine garland and you can hang it around your porch or banister. Line it with white lights or coloured lights. Now you can be festive both day and night.
  4. Add spotlights – If strings of light are too much for you, settle on coloured spotlights to highlight your home. Try a combination of colour like red and green or opt for a monochromatic palette like all blue, all green etc. There are some new products out there so visit your local Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Lowes for more ideas.
  5. Check out your local retailers on how to light up that beautiful Bomanite walkway. Keep in mind that they have to work with or without snow or possible rain. Your best bet would be path lights that are put up and connected to the rest of your outdoor lights. It’s a good idea to work them into your Christmas light display like the below example.
    Holiday Home Light Decoration

For more inspiration, search Pinterest or Google. You’ll find plenty of ideas online or even at your local retailer.

Happy Holidays from Bomanite!

A Proud Contractor for Princess Margaret Grand Prize Showhome

Bomanite is honoured to have been a part of the Grand Prize Showhome for the current Princess Margaret Cancer Centre lottery. Bomanite completed the driveway and walkway at this stunning home in Oakville with an exposed aggregate concrete finish. The final product is absolutely breathtaking and adds a unique elegance to the already beautifully crafted grand prize home.

This home, designed by Brian Gluckstein, is fully furnished, decorated and landscaped. It features approximately 6,500 square feet of luxurious living space as well as a gorgeous backyard pool. The home offers an amazing living experience, with a grand master bedroom and ensuite, exciting games room, remarkable library room and so much more. Not to mention, the winner will also be awarded with a $1 million cash prize!

If this incredible prize package is not enough to draw you in, then the Princess Margaret charity will definitely capture your attention. Well known for their astounding giveaways, Princess Margaret Home Lottery is done annually in honour of a great cause. The extravaganza raises money in support of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. Their team is dedicated to their cause and to caring for their patients. This charity is truly committed to making a difference, and by purchasing tickets for the current Princess Margaret Cancer Centre lottery, you are a part of that difference.

For a chance to win the grand prize showhome with concrete landscaping by Bomanite, purchase tickets at

Bomanite would also be more than happy to service you with a concrete driveway or walkway in Vaughan, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Caledon, Toronto and the rest of the GTA region. Visit our website for more information.

A Newly Renovated Concrete Design Centre

Bomanite’s concrete design centre is where all the inspiration lies! From residential concrete services such as concrete driveways and walkways all the way to concrete pool decks, patios and more, this is where you will find everything you need to create your vision.

Bomanite’s concrete design centre is newly renovated and offers the perfect place to browse through concrete products and choose exactly what you are looking for. There is plenty of space and a wide selection, so customers are able to take their time and explore everything Bomanite has to offer.

It’s harder to imagine what something would look like without actually seeing and touching it. That’s why we encourage clients to come in and see for themselves exactly what our concrete is all about. You will also have a chance to talk to our experienced consultants who will be prepared to help you with any ideas and concerns you may have. Whether you are trying to create a concrete driveway, walkway or any other type of design, they will be able to assist you.

Bomanite’s concrete design centre is located in the heart of Vaughan, near Highway 27 and Highway 407. Whether you live in Brampton, Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, Toronto, Oakville, Milton or any other part of the GTA, we are accessible to you!

Contact us today to schedule your visit or take a look at for more information!

Increase the Value of your Home with Stamped Concrete

Increasing the value of our home is something we’d all love to achieve! It’s not the easiest of tasks…But now you can and we’ll tell you how:

Everyone wants a beautiful home and Bomanite is here to help you achieve exactly that. Installing stamped concrete for your driveway or patio creates curb appeal and automatically increases the value of your home.

Reasons to Renovate with Stamped Concrete

  1. Cost efficient – Stamped concrete will make your surface resemble products like brick and stone without paying the equivalent of what those products would cost. Stamped concrete is more affordable because the entire installation process involves less work, and minimal materials are used to lay out the product. You get a beautiful look for a great value.
  2. Less maintenance – Stamped concrete has a smooth finish leaving no room for weeds to grow in between cracks, making it easy to clean away any dirt or residue.
  3. Slip resistant – During the rainy and snowy months, your outside walkways can become a safety hazard; however, Bomanite’s stamped concrete provides slip resistant materials to ensure every step is safe.
  4. Curb Appeal – There’s no denying it – every home automatically looks more stunning after the addition of stamped concrete to either the driveway, backyard or both. By amplifying the appearance of your home, you will also instantly increase the value.

The Stamped Concrete Process

First, the expert pours the concrete on the designated surface (it can be placed on top of previous concrete applications). After the product is evenly distributed, the design of your choice is stamped on top for a natural, clean look. Conveniently, stamped concrete comes in a variety of colours and can easily be matched to the exterior of your home.

Why choose Bomanite?

Bomanite offers stamped concrete that will positively transform your yard, having people stop to admire a job well done. Experts at Bomanite are highly experienced in installing stamped concrete with a guarantee of top quality and professional services. By applying a safer, longer lasting concrete, you save money while increasing the value of your home.

Bomanite offers stamped concrete services in Vaughan, King, Kleinberg, Maple and across the GTA! For more information about stamped concrete driveways, walkways, patios and more, visit our website.

Consult an Expert Before Installing your Pool

With summer just around the corner, the thought of jumping into a refreshing pool is exciting and intriguing, but before you can begin building, you must ensure the job will get done properly. Bomanite wants you to successfully install a pool that will provide you with the backyard of your dreams.

Hiring an expert to install your pool will not only make your pool visually appealing, but they are willing to cater to your needs to map out, shape, size and depth of your pool correctly. Professionals are conscious of the important elements in your backyard surroundings like sprinklers, trees and gardens as well as consider different ways to approach the project without damaging or putting your home at risk.

Installing a pool and concrete pool decks can be expensive. After carefully observing your backyard, an expert can work out pricing and stay within your decided budget. A pool is a long-term commitment and it is important to invest suitably.

It is also important to consult a landscape expert, like Bomanite, before planning to install your pool. We will ensure that you have the perfect strategy to move forward with your backyard renovation. With the help of skilled consultants at Bomanite, you are guaranteed to have the most beautiful concrete pool deck imaginable.

Bomanite offers an array of products including concrete polishing, allowing your pool to be the first thing you see and adore once you step outside into your yard.

We would be more than glad to service you with a concrete pool deck! Bomanite is available in Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Milton, and Aurora. Visit for more information.

The Year for your Driveway

With the new year upon us, it’s time to start thinking about all the diverse options for your driveway! Even though you can’t see it under all the snow, this is the time to consider spring, summer and fall, and how your driveway will look in the months to come. We understand that it may seem early, but to ensure that your driveway will look the best it can during 2017, you should start booking now!

There are so many options to create the driveway of your dreams. Stamped concrete is always a beautiful choice, and one of our expert areas at Bomanite. When it comes to a stamped concrete driveway, there is so much versatility. Stamped concrete is available in an assortment of colours, textures and patterns, so your vision can become a reality.

Exposed aggregate is another modern option for your driveway in 2017. Creating an intricate visual effect of exposed stones and pebbles within concrete, your home will have stunning curb appeal after this treatment.

If you’re aiming for a natural look, a limestone driveway might be your first choice. A Bomanite limestone concrete finish will create a strong and durable driveway which will maintain its beauty for a long time.

Bomanite would love to service you with your own concrete driveway in 2017. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

Bomanite Featured on Moving the McGillivrays!

In HGTV’s new series, Moving the McGillivrays, popular renovator and host of Income Property, Scott McGillivray and his wife Sabrina plan and develop their lifelong family home. Every episode in the series features a glimpse into the creation of their dream home, as well as a look at their busy life, taking care of their two daughters and balancing full-time jobs.

In Episode Four of this exciting new T.V. show, Scott has the chance to build something he’s been wanting his whole life: a workshop. But it’s not just any ordinary workshop. Scott is building his perfect workshop: a man cave. Meanwhile, Sabrina is creating a space for schoolwork and crafts, which she calls her femme-den.

It takes a lot of work and planning to build the room of your dreams. One of the most important parts of the whole process is the foundation, which Bomanite had the honour of taking care of. Featured on this episode of Moving the McGillivrays, Bomanite lays concrete with a cool finish in the workshop, creating a canvas for the rest of Scott’s man cave.

Bomanite was extremely honoured to be a part of HGTV’s Moving the McGillivrays. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for everyone involved!

Bomanite would love to be a part of creating your dream home. Whether it is stamped concrete, exposed aggregate or any other residential or commercial service, call us today for a free quote or visit for more information.