What Exactly is Stamped Concrete?

The world of stamped concrete may appear confusing to some if you are not familiar with it. Maybe it’s your first time with outdoor renovations or maybe you’ve renovated before, but you didn’t know what stamped concrete was. Whatever your situation is, we want to ensure that you feel comfortable with your decisions and are properly informed. We want you to know just what stamped concrete is and why it is different from other materials.

Essentially, stamped concrete is just a type of concrete that replicates other stones such as brick, slate, tile, wood, and so on. Many people call it textured concrete or imprinted concrete. In recent years, the stamped concrete trend has grown as people have become more informed. Stamped concrete is able to provide a multitude of options and patterns for homes or commercial buildings while also being less expensive than the materials that they are reproducing.

Stamped concrete features a wide array of colour options and can be used with other coordinating elements such as exposed aggregate. Complex designs can be achieved in walkways, concrete driveways and even steps. The customizable nature of stamped concrete leaves the options endless and also affordable.

Whether you live in Toronto, Brampton, Woodbridge, or any of the surrounding areas, Bomanite can achieve your stamped concrete services. Contact us today or visit http://bomanite.ca/ for more information.

Hoping For an Early Spring !

Happy February!

So I am pretty sure all of my fellow Torontonians couldn’t be happier with the amazing weather we have been getting. 10 degrees in February I don’t think we could complain this year, especially if we consider what we are usually used to this time of year.

With all this good weather it gives us wishful thinking that we can start our season nice and early this year! Have you started to think of your new summer renovation project yet? Are you considering a new pool deck, patio, or driveway? Why not choose Bomanite! Bomanite has been in the industry of decorative concrete for over 25 years. We don’t just specialized in stamp concrete, we have a variety of different looks that are sure to fit anybody’s personal style. I personally know that all the good winter weather is giving me high hopes for a gorgeous summer. What a great way to entertain with a new stamped concrete patio for all those barbecues we hope to be having.

Give Bomanite a call today or drop by our showroom to see what we have to offer I am sure we won’t disappoint. Fingers crossed this weather stays this way!!

Bomanite Design Centre

Bomanite is one of the oldest companies around when it comes to Decorative Concrete. We are so happy that we have been able to provide our services to so many satisfied customers along the way. As the years go on we try and be more innovative and do our best to continue to please our customers.

Bomanite has expanded throughout the years and we are so pleased to offer our customers a full Design Centre right in our office. Sometimes it’s hard for somebody to pick a texture or a colour based on just a photo, they want to be able to see and feel things on their own. Our experienced consultants will help design and envision the perfect stamped concrete layout for your driveway, back yard, walkway, pool deck or landscaping. We encourage all our clients to come into the Design Centre because it allows them to take the time to envision their dream outdoor renovation. No matter what you choose stamped, limestone, sandscape or exposed we will be able to show you a sample here at Bomanite. Generally it is better to call ahead of time to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives. However if you are in the area don’t hesitate to walk in and see what we have to offer, we are confident that you will be happy with what you see. Bomanite has the largest Design Centre catering to Decorative concrete in the GTA. Give us a call and come see us today! We’d be happy to give you a tour!!

Decorative Concrete

Over the past 25 years plus Bomanite has always been known for our beautiful stamped concrete finishes. It is a classic Bomanite signature and we love the look but over the years Bomanite continues to innovate and branch out into other designs. Now Bomanite is offering finishes such as; exposed, sandscape and limestone.

Stamped is Bomanite’s signature look, it is a poured concrete with colour hardener and release agent with a stamp of your choice that imitates the look of natural stone.

Exposed aggregate is poured concrete with a colour of choice. The difference with exposed aggregate is we expose the stone and it looks as if there is pebbles in the concrete.  Exposed gives a vintage traditional tone that is reminiscent of ancient stone structures, with the stronger, longer-lasting products we’re capable of producing today. Bomanite can provide multiple colours, textures, and aggregate finishes to heighten the overall appearance of the concrete with incredible durability

Sandscape is concrete designed for outdoor applications where an alternative to a conventional concrete finish is required. Sandscape texture can incorporate specialized light fast coloured sands/or natural graded aggregates in the concrete to mix. Sandscape creates a consistent texture and durable hardscape.

Limestone is concrete with colour that is lightly sandblasted which resembles actual limestone. Bomanite offers a stunning looking decorative concrete with Limestone sandblast finish. Our Limestone product is stronger and more resistant to the decreasing/shrinking of the concrete, allowing it to maintain its beauty for much longer.

However whatever your preference might be you can be sure that Bomanite is that right choice for you to do the job. Not only do all of these finishes look outstanding by themselves they also look great combined together. With the help of the Bomanite team you can rest assured that the outside of your home will look amazing. Give us a call today to set up your free at home estimate, our experts will answer all your unanswered questions.

Add value to your home by choosing Bomanite

Are you looking to increase the value of your property? If so why not choose Bomanite. Bomanite is a company that offers you a quality product you can recognize and a name that you can trust. Bomanite is a company with over 25 years of experience. Bomanite’s architectural concrete designs adds a distinguishing touch to any project that is suitable for any type of climate. Bomanite specializes in driveways, entryways, patios, pool decks, courtyards, and sidewalks it allows your property to remain beautiful season after season year after year. Bomanite is not your typical stamped concrete company, Bomanite offers an endless selection of colours, textures and patterns with custom tooling and colours available to give your home a signature new look. Typically Bomanite has always been known for a beautiful stamped concrete finish, however as the years go by we are working with a variety of different finishes such as limestone, exposed aggregates and sandscape. No matter what your preference Bomanite is here to choose the style and finish that will most compliment your home.

If you are concerned about how concrete reacts to our harsh winters, not to worry. Here in Canada we are no stranger to harsh and freezing winter, Bomanite weathers the worst that Mother Nature has to offer us. Bomanite’s reinforced design and color-hardened surface provides the structural integrity and surface strength to ensure long lasting quality results.

So when it comes to your next home improvement project why not call Bomanite to do the job. We know you’ll be satisfied with your homes new look and you can assure that it will only raise the value of your home.