Increase the Value of your Home with Stamped Concrete

Increase the Value of your Home with Stamped Concrete

Increasing the value of our home is something we’d all love to achieve! It’s not the easiest of tasks…But now you can and we’ll tell you how:

Everyone wants a beautiful home and Bomanite is here to help you achieve exactly that. Installing stamped concrete for your driveway or patio creates curb appeal and automatically increases the value of your home.

Reasons to Renovate with Stamped Concrete

  1. Cost efficient – Stamped concrete will make your surface resemble products like brick and stone without paying the equivalent of what those products would cost. Stamped concrete is more affordable because the entire installation process involves less work, and minimal materials are used to lay out the product. You get a beautiful look for a great value.
  2. Less maintenance – Stamped concrete has a smooth finish leaving no room for weeds to grow in between cracks, making it easy to clean away any dirt or residue.
  3. Slip resistant – During the rainy and snowy months, your outside walkways can become a safety hazard; however, Bomanite’s stamped concrete provides slip resistant materials to ensure every step is safe.
  4. Curb Appeal – There’s no denying it – every home automatically looks more stunning after the addition of stamped concrete to either the driveway, backyard or both. By amplifying the appearance of your home, you will also instantly increase the value.

The Stamped Concrete Process

First, the expert pours the concrete on the designated surface (it can be placed on top of previous concrete applications). After the product is evenly distributed, the design of your choice is stamped on top for a natural, clean look. Conveniently, stamped concrete comes in a variety of colours and can easily be matched to the exterior of your home.

Why choose Bomanite?

Bomanite offers stamped concrete that will positively transform your yard, having people stop to admire a job well done. Experts at Bomanite are highly experienced in installing stamped concrete with a guarantee of top quality and professional services. By applying a safer, longer lasting concrete, you save money while increasing the value of your home.

Bomanite offers stamped concrete services in Vaughan, King, Kleinberg, Maple and across the GTA! For more information about stamped concrete driveways, walkways, patios and more, visit our website.

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