50 Fifty DTC Tower in Denver Features Award-winning Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Finish

Life is a breeze when you have Bomanite on your team. The 50 Fifty DTC tower has set sail with its gorgeous architectural design to become one of the most elegant new building designs to grace Colorado. This class AAA 12-storey office tower stands out as a luxurious new commercial development crafted with the best features and finishes.

Bomanite’s award-winning Sandblast Refined concrete exceeds all expectations, assisting in successfully creating a building that resembles the sea, creating a serene and positive space. We are honoured to award one of our own experts at Bomanite with the Best Exposed Aggregate System award, and we are equally as excited to share it with the world. Our talented team has the ability to customize your project and design a space with the most unique concrete finishes.

The vision for the 50 Fifty Tower was to build a business space that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but to create an environment that is striking to the senses and promotes workplace wellness with an uplifting atmosphere that provides many health benefits, making it enjoyable to be at work. The interior is constructed with an open concept design and bright, luminous corridors that help build the positive and inspiring overall look and feel. Bomanite’s contribution was installing an artistic and inventive walkway that is as beautiful as it is durable leading tenants and visitors to this light-filled structure.

The exposed aggregate finish that was selected for the project works seamlessly to help the architect achieve the vision of the client’s chosen theme of sailing and being on the water. On its own, exposed aggregate is a naturally decorative stone, so the locally sourced aggregate with crushed glass and white hardener work together to create and achieve the illusion of light reflecting off the water. With the use of our refined concrete systems and a spectacular eye for design, the final product made for truly impressive curb appeal.

Bomanite offers a variety of concrete products and finishes to make your commercial and residential properties stand out amongst the rest. Let your walkways and pathways do the talking – consider installing a decorative concrete solution to transform your home or business front into one that you’ll enjoy all year round.

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Colorado Hardscapes Sails Away with a Silver Award for the Bomanite Sandscape Refined Modern Port-Cochere at the 50 Fifty DTC

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