Choose a Concrete Patio for Summer

Let Bomanite pave the way for a home space you’ll love even beyond the summer months. Choosing the design you want for your outdoor living space is an important decision. Luckily, Bomanite offers a large selection of decorative concrete forms, patterns and finishes that will beautifully enhance your home’s exterior when choosing to upgrade your patio deck.

Patios are a great space for recreation and relaxation, sunbathing during the day or dining at night. Re-vamping your backyard patio increases the value of your home and often times, homebuyers search for a house with a beautiful, spacious patio. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, then investing in a quality concrete surface around your deck or swimming pool is worth it.

Decorative concrete gives you everything you need in terms of safety, durability, resilience and low maintenance while looking 10x more beautiful than any other material. With installations like stamped concrete, you have the freedom to design a unique and spectacular outdoor space that will last for a long time. Whether you decide to create curved paths or use large square tile-looking designs to match your house, concrete is the perfect choice because of its versatility. In addition, Bomanite offers custom polishing that will leave your patio looking new and vibrant.


  • Exposed Aggregate is commonly used on patios and decks because of its strength and durability. The exposed stones provide a stronger and lasting product best suited for your outdoor living area.
  • Consider a custom landscape & concrete with artificial turf interlace patio design that incorporates greenery into your backyard, adding a modern and lively aesthetic. The best part is that little maintenance is required in upkeeping the grass.
  • With limestone concrete, instead of completing an entire renovation, you can add a concrete pathway from your patio area to your backyard. Since the product has a sandblast finish the polish itself is a great accent piece against your flooring.

Continue to add beauty outside with Bomanite! Keep in mind that your backyard isn’t designed solely for special occasions but to make every day special. So, don’t think twice about designing the backyard of your dreams.

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